Avvo <3 software.

Software has been core to Avvo from the beginning.

We turned messy lawyer data into a searchable directory of nearly every attorney in the country.

We created the Avvo Rating, an algorithm which transforms that data into a numerical snapshot of a lawyer's skill and experince.

We've started open source projects like json_api_client, resque_unit, resque_scheduler, and contributed to many more (like Rails and ActiveMerchant).

We believe that technology can help people make better, more informed legal decisions. It can ease people through some of the most difficult times of their lives. It can bring people confidence as they make life-changing decisions.

Avvo's developers don't just write code. They solve problems, they create products, they influence the business.

As we work, we're constantly finding new problems to solve. We explore new tools, techniques, and technologies. And this is our little corner to share the things we've learned along the way.